Experience a part of New York City history
with a horse-drawn carriage ride.


An old-fashioned carriage tour through Central Park is a unique way to enjoy NYC for first-time visitors, frequent travelers, and even local residents.

Whether you are sightseeing, celebrating a special occasion, or treating your family to a fun activity in the city, a carriage ride through one of America's most iconic public parks is sure to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. 

Central Park Carriages offers:
• brief rides along the Park's perimeter (approx. 20 minutes long—perfect for children!)
more in-depth rides through the Park, with stops along the way for photos
romantic night rides through the Park
• customized rides and pick-ups for weddings, parades, events, engagement proposals, film/photo shoots, etc. (advanced booking required, rates and options vary)


About Us

Born and bred New Yorkers, the Byrne brothers have been in the local horse & carriage business since 1964. 



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Visiting Central Park

When it first opened in the winter of 1858, New York City's Central Park was the first major landscaped public park in America. The Park's designers, park superintendent Frederick Law Olmsted and architect Calvert Vaux, beat out 32 others in an open competition with their vision of an urban park landscape that included Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Fountain, Belvedere Tower, the Lake, and the sunken traverse roads in the park's center.
 Today, Central Park spans 843 acres of land in the heart of Manhattan, the busiest of NYC's 5 boroughs, from 59th Street to 110th Street. Over 42 million people visit Central Park each year.

For first-timers (and even local New Yorkers), walking through Central Park can feel a bit overwhelming—there is so much to see and do! Let us introduce you to the Park's possibilities with a relaxing carriage ride as you plan your visit. Depending on the season, popular activities include but are not limited to: nature walks, rollerblading, visiting the family-friendly Central Park Zoo or Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, bike riding, ice skating, attending outdoor concerts and Shakespeare in the Park (summer only), boat-rowing on the Lake, and fishing in Harlem Meer (catch and release only). 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do carriage rides cost?
New York City's horse and carriage industry is very structured and regulated. The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs sets the legal rates for carriage rides: $54.08 for the first 20 minutes, followed by $21.63 for every additional 10 minutes. You will see a carriage license and legal rate card posted on/in all the carriages in our fleet. (You should always be charged per ride, and never per person.)
Be aware that roaming street vendors may approach you aggressively and try to sell carriage and/or pedicab rides. To avoid being a victim of fraud, we suggest that you approach carriage drivers directly when you are ready for a ride.
Per legal regulations, each carriage can carry a maximum of 4 adults OR 3 adults + 2 children under 12 years of age.

Does it cost more to book a ride with Central Park Carriages online with a credit card?
Not at all! Unlike other carriage operators, we do not pass on booking fees to you, nor do we charge more online in the form of "ride packages."
You can reserve a standard ride (approx. 20 minutes) online in advance for a total of $53. This includes all administrative fees charged by our secure third-party booking site.
You can reserve a long ride (approx. 60 minutes) online in advance for a total of $139.92. This includes all administrative fees charged by our secure third-party booking site. 
We cannot book special events, weddings, film/photo shoots, or parades online at this time. If you are interested in reserving horse-drawn carriages and drivers for your upcoming special event, please reach out to us directly at CPBCarriage@gmail.com or 973-722-0059.

If I'm not sure what my plans are and would prefer to ride on the spot, where can I find available carriages?
Not to worry—you never need an advanced reservation for a carriage ride. Licensed carriages and drivers can always be found at 59th Street and 5th Avenue (known as Grand Army Plaza), and all along 59th Street from 5th Avenue to 8th Avenue. Simply choose a carriage and horse to your liking, and approach the driver directly for a ride.

Are carriage rides available rain or shine?
Carriages operate year-round, but to ensure the safety and comfort of our horses, carriage operations are suspended during certain weather conditions. Horses cannot work in excess heat and humidity (89° F and above) or extreme cold (19° F and below).
During wintertime, carriages operate as long as streets and Park pathways are cleared of snow and ice.
We also avoid exposing our horses to adverse weather conditions such as thunderstorms, heavy rains or snowfall, high winds, etc.
Thank you in advance for understanding!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash is preferred and accepted by all carriages. If you'd like to use a credit card, please ask your driver before the ride, as not all drivers are equipped to accept mobile card payments.
An easy, hassle-free way to pay by credit card is to book a ride online in advance.

Should I tip my driver?
Tips are not included in the price of a ride. We encourage you to leave a standard 15% to 20% gratuity for your driver if you enjoyed your experience. Our drivers do not directly solicit cash tips, but they are always accepted with gratitude.
Our horses love tips too! Feel free to bring them a carrot or apple treat.

Do you offer horseback riding too?
Our horses are licensed strictly for carriage rides. We do not offer horseback riding at this time. 

Where do your horses live? Do you have stables nearby? 
Our horses live a short distance from Central Park. They return every night to our family-owned stables, which are located on the west side of Manhattan in a historic neighborhood known as Hell's Kitchen.
New York City's carriage horses are protected by strict citywide ordinances, and are examined by licensed equine veterinarians between 2 to 4 times annually. Each working horse gets a minimum of 5 weeks' vacation time a year, and a horse's workday never exceeds more than 9 hours in a 24-hour period. All carriages, drivers, and horses are regularly inspected by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. 
Our horses live in their own individual box stalls, which give them plenty of room to move about and lie down comfortably to rest. Besides our full- and part-time drivers, the dedicated staff at Central Park Carriages is made up of farriers, blacksmiths, stable managers, and stablehands who all work together to ensure the health and happiness of each horse.

Can I visit your stables?
Regretfully, our office and stables are not open to the public at this time. We are a small, family-run business, and currently do not have the budget or staff to support group tours and visits.
If you are an accredited member of the media and would like to interview us, please reach out in advance to make an appointment. 

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